Want to
keep the overview
every day?

In common browsers you probably find yourself switching back and forth a lot between several tabs of mixed topics. With lots of tabs their titles shrink and become unreadable and difficult to find, select and sort. At last you lose the overview. Experience the difference and use TabScroll.

TabScroll Browser:
Multitasking with focus!

✓ News, Streams & Media
✓ Research & Education
✓ Social, Feeds & Mail
✓ Managing Projects & Tasks

Get your personal web-desktop with split-screen-tabs, sessions, archive, sync, password-lock & more...

  • Panorama-view with split-screen-tabs
  • Smooth horizontal scroll-navigation
  • Reorderable tabs
  • Tab-archive per session with quick-search

  • Sessions: separate your tabs by topic, task, usecase or environnment
  • Determinable number of visible tabs
  • Resizable tabs
  • Movable tabs

Desktop Management
  • Preparable & continuable sessions for certain occasions
  • Freely movable: change devices with fully syncable sessions & tabs to iPhones, iPads and macs
  • Private & Secure: no collection of usage-data, securable access with password-protection

>> Learn how to use TabScroll

Use tabs side by side

With more tabs you can do more. Don't be afraid of opening new tabs. Save tabs for later, combine activities or just expand your brainstorming.

Expand your research, watch multiple live-streams, compare offers, news sources or just keep up with all your social media accounts, channels and conversations. Create your own web-app-desktop. All tabs side by side, so you can scroll through your visible tabs and enjoy the perfect overview like never before. Resize your tabs from mobile to desktop and all sizes between.

Use all space

Make use of responsive web-sites and web-apps. Avoid blank spaces and stretched websites. Display more useable content and use a scrolling panorama with gestures to navigate, like flicking through your cards.

Universal - all day

Improve your research, entertainment, shopping and your all-day browsing experience at home or in your office.

Combine activities

Use the web the way you want to. Chat with your friends while shopping or check the latest headlines while watching a livestream. Combinations are countless.

Start smart, expand your view

TabScroll starts fast. On a restart TabScroll shows your latest three tabs and three previews. So you can instantly open a new tab and display more older tabs. Also their sizes and order will be restored.

Stop the tab mess

We love tabs. So we open lots of new tabs and want to keep lots of them open. By switching back and forth we lose the overview and our tabs pass out of mind. All the things we do in our browsers like research, networking, shopping or home-entertainment become fiddly and inhibiting.
Tired of digging through shrunk tab-bars? Stop the unstructured tab mess! With TabScroll you will have a perfect overview of all your open tabs. TabScroll breaks the limits of current web-browsers and is designed to deliver a smooth and intuitive browsing-experience without losing your context or focus. Expand your view with a responsive and flexible user-interface.

Multitasking Web App Desktop

TabScroll is more than a browser. Finally all your responsive web-sites and web-apps get the desktop they deserve. With real multitasking and easy tab-management you are more productive.

Keep the overview

When browsing with several tabs and sources, TabScroll helps you with its structure and keeps your desk tidy. You determine how many tabs are visible at the same time - they show up on your panorama. Resize each tab individually and change the order of your tabs. New tabs appear on the left, so older tabs move to the right. By scrolling you can navigate through your open tabs as a personal timeline. So it is harder to lose your context or orientation. Older tabs appear on a preview before they move out of sight onto a listed archive. Just tap on an archived tab to show it or move it to the front. These chunks - panorama, preview and archive - support your short-time-memory and cognition, so you always know where to find your tabs.

Keep your focus

What did I want to search again? If you browse with several tabs but only see one website at a time, you lose context and get distracted by switching back and forth. Concentration is vulnerable. Protect yourself by scrolling smoothly through your tabs and opening or closing tabs with reasonable transitions and animations.

Keep your curiosity

Ideas come and go, so do not hesitate und explore everything you want to. Boost your spontaneity while still be able to retrace or resume your personal timeline.

Keep searching

Choose your search engine, use the search bar on every tab or just include more sources to your research. TabScroll is built to explore.

Keep up with your networks

Check your favorite feeds and channels on a glimpse and be always up-to-date. Open tabs with all your platforms, channels, threads and conversations so you can react faster on updates.


>> How to use TabScroll

All-sizes desktop

TabScroll is truly one-size-fits-it-all. It does not only serve your responsive websites, it is designed responsive itself. Expand your view on all sizes from smartphone to tablet and notebooks or desktop monitors.

Pro Unlimited

With an upgrade to Pro Unlimited you can access all features. You can use basic features for free.

Unlimited tabs: With Pro Unlimited you will never have to care for closing tabs. Leave open as many tabs as you want.

More tabs side by side: Determine how many / Increase the number of tabs you want to see and scroll side by side. There is no limit.

Search tab-archive: Filter your tabs by searching for titles and urls. You never found your tabs that fast.

Custom Search Engine: Use the searchbar of your tabs with the search-engine of your choice by setting a custom url.

Password Lock: If you are working with sensible data, you can secure access to the app with a password lock.

More Devices Buy Pro Unlimited Full Purchase once and use it on all your iPhones, iPads and Macs.

FeaturesFreePro Unlimited
Open tabs10Unlimited
Visible tabs3Unlimited
Search tabsnoyes
Custom search-enginenoyes
Password locknoyes

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